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  • If you work hard to make money yet still don’t feel financially secure...
  • If you make more money than before but have problem keeping your money and growing it...
  • If you want to be Financially Independent but don’t know HOW or don’t feel it’s possible for YOU...

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Millen Livis left communist Soviet Union in the 1980s, to seek a better life for herself and her family in America. She went from working as a “florist assistant” for minimum wage (and barely speaking English), to becoming a Wall Street executive with an M.B.A. from The Wharton Business School - before becoming an entrepreneur and an investor.

As a certified NLP practitioner and energy healer, and as a self-made millionaire, Millen has recognized the crucial importance of bringing the two worlds of spiritual transformation and financial acumen together in a cohesive way, and so the MILLENaire Method was born.

When Millen is not travelling between her Florida home and her villa in the South of France, she helps career-driven women all over the world master their money, invest strategically, and become financially independent faster than they believed possible.

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